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Linda Kohanov and me
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Why horses?

​Horses are herbivorous, non-predatory herd animals which live in the here and now and are fully aware in their environment. To ensure their survival, they have developed a highly acute perception sensitivity to even the most subtle changes around them. Physical signs such as the blood pressure and breathing rate of approaching predators are valuable indicators to help them determine whether they should flee a potential danger or not; is the wolf in hunting mode or is it simply passing by after having had its fill?


This ability to anticipate events and horses' acute perception are powerful tools which can be used during fun interactive exercises. When we approach a horse, it immediately perceives our level of energy, our emotional state and how we are feeling. For example, it can detect whether we are stressed or relaxed, preoccupied or receptive. When a horse reacts to us, we become aware of our own state of mind. If, for example, I ask a horse to walk around me while I'm distracted or hesitant, the horse will not obey. If, on the other hand, I am present in the moment and determined, it will respond precisely to my request.​


By learning to set and enforce clear boundaries and by behaving fairly, effectively and respectfully towards the horse, we can learn to be more precise, act with greater finesse, better adapt and adjust, stimulate our creativity and reconnect with our inner 'power'.


Equine-facilitated support is primarily intended to help find and develop self-presence, consistency, authenticity and assertiveness in order to improve your skills and develop trust and leadership in your daily and professional life.


My approach


My approach is essentially based on the Eponaquest® approach, combined with principles of equine ethology, animal communication and systemic psychology. Sometimes I also draw on other equicoaching methods.

Linda Kohanov's Eponaquest® approach

Founded in 1997 by the American Linda Kohanov, Epona Equestrian Services® has received attention far beyond the United States through its innovation in horse training and care. Following her observations and research and based on her personal experience of how contact with horses can support emotional and social development, Linda Kohanov formalized different equine-facilitated tools and experiential exercises to teach skills such as non-predatory leadership, assertiveness, enhanced autonomy, recognition of personal space, setting of boundaries, mutual respect, modulation of energy, intuition, emotional agility, creativity, group innovation and  crisis management.


​People from all walks of life, from private individuals to managers, therapists, teachers, artists, former military personnel, equestrian amateurs and professionals come from all corners of the globe to take part in Linda Kohanov's  workshops.

Trainer, speaker and best-selling author, Linda Kohanov has published various works:

"The Tao of Equus" opens up a new way of looking at the relationship with horses and how it can help us work towards self-authenticity. (original English edition 2001)


"Riding Between the Worlds" dives deeper into the transformative power of horses on humans' psychological, emotional and spiritual behavior  (original English edition 2003)


"Way of the Horse" is a book-and-card set of 40 cards on human and equine archetypes. It was developed together with painter and writer, Kim McElroy. (original English edition 2007)


"The Power of the Herd" sets out how the social and non-predatory character of horses can serve as an example for us to create harmonious and effective exchanges by working together. Linda Kohanov profiles some people whose charisma meant they left their mark on history. She lays out twelve guiding principles which we can implement to achieve "optimal collective efficiency, innovative spirit, increased endurance, and true personal and professional satisfaction". (original English edition 2013)


"The Five Roles of a Master Herder" lays out a powerful and sustainable leadership model based on a non-predatory philosophy allowing us to enhance our abilities to influence others in a responsible, respectful and effective manner by developing and combining five roles: Dominant, Leader, Nurturer/Companion, Sentinel, and Predator". (original edition 2016)

Linda Kohanov is a great explorer of what she calls “advanced people skills.” She offers workshops and training courses for individuals and companies. Since 2002, together with her team, she has trained and certified over 200 Eponaquest instructors® around the world; I am proud to count myself among them.


To find out more:

To find out about the community of Eponaquest instructors in French-speaking Europe:



Eponaquest® Discovery Workshops

The Eponaquest® Discovery Workshops allow you to reconnect

with your feelings, your emotions and your authenticity.

They last a minimum of one day and take place regularly.

They primarily address: self-confidence, achieving your full potential,

innovative leadership (the 5 roles of the Master Herder),

sentient communication, emotional agility, the Connection Focused Therapy©, ...

​Make an appointment on the Workshop registration page:

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Eponaquest® Introductory Workshops

Introductory Workshops  allow you to discover and experience

some of the fundamental tools of the Eponaquest® approach.

They are a prerequisite to be able to attend an Advanced Workshop.

They last a minimum of two days and take place regularly.

​They primarily address: self-confidence and leadership (the 5 Roles of the Master Herder), ...

Participation in an Introductory Workshop validates step 1 to access Eponaquest® training. 


To find out more about instructor training, visit:

​Make an appointment on the Workshop registration page:

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  Eponaquest® Advanced Workshops

The Advanced workshops allow you to deepen your knowledge

and mastery of the tools used in the Eponaquest® approach.

They are led by Eponaquest Advanced Instructors.

They last a minimum of 4 days and take place regularly.

Prerequisites: You must have participated in at least one introductory workshop to be eligible to participate in an advanced workshop.

“In addition to workshops that strengthen personal development, leadership and emotional/relational/social intelligence skills, I am very interested in the development of advanced workshops that offer participants varied practice, including multiple free-range exercises with horses having different characters. »

                                                                                                                                                                      Linda Kohanov


Participation in two advanced workshops, approved by Linda Kohanov, validates step 2 to access the apprenticeship training program.

To learn more about the apprenticeship training program visit

​Make an appointment on the Workshop registration page:

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