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La Ferme de la Colline

Enhance your strengths and potential with horses as partners!

Managerial Seminars

Choose from themes such as leadership based on the 5 roles of the Master Herder (Eponaquest), emotional and relational intelligence, constructive communication, and team building.

Our programs are tailored to meet the specific needs and requests of your company.

Team Building

Reinforcement of common values and team cohesion.

Our goal is to develop shared values, strengthen communication, and cohesion by leveraging the skills and complementarities of each team member. Join us for a unique experience that transcends office boundaries and stimulates harmonious collaboration!

Individual equicoaching sessions for the development of advanced professional skills with the invaluable assistance of horses.

Objective: Refine your assertiveness, strengthen your emotional and social agility, cultivate mature and innovative leadership, and master stress management and crisis situations.

Private individuals

Private individuals

Individual or family session:  equine-facilitated advanced personal development


Equine-facilitated personal development including how to improve self-confidence, assertiveness and emotional agility.

Back to Nature

Self-reflection, mindfulness and meditation sessions within the herd.


Common themes:

Self-confidence, setting boundaries, positioning, non-verbal language acquisition, managing emotions, communication.

What is Equocoaching?

Equicoaching is an innovative method of personal and professional development that leverages the emotional intelligence of horses.

These majestic, sensitive, and non-judgmental beings act as reflections of our emotions and behaviors, offering instant and powerful feedback. Through specific exercises of interaction with them, this approach enables the development of advanced human skills.

Equicoaching provides a unique and transformative experience, guiding individuals towards a deeper self-awareness and profound well-being.

Join us for an enriching experience, where equine wisdom becomes an invaluable source of personal and professional learning.

Why the horse is an exceptional partner in our coaching sessions:

The wisdom of the horse:

Living in herds, the horse, as a non-predatory herbivore, is deeply rooted in the present moment, displaying a keen awareness of its environment. Its survival in nature relies on a sensitive perception of subtle changes around it, from physical signs to variations in blood pressure and respiratory rate of potential predators. This unique ability provides us with valuable indicators during our interactions.

Reclaiming inner power:

The aim of our coaching facilitated by the horse is to rediscover presence with oneself, coherence, authenticity, and assertiveness.

Nature activities
  • Via ferrata

  • Zipline

  • Walks



Located in Famenne, a stone's throw away from Durbuy, you will find the Ferme de la Colline nestled in green surroundings and overlooking the beautiful Ourthe Valley. Here you can enjoy peace and relaxation in  contact with nature and horses.

Organize your courses, workshops, seminars and team building events in a stress-free and inspiring learning environment.


Accommodation for horse riders

We can provide accommodation for riders and their horses in green, relaxing surroundings with numerous horse riding opportunities.

Adventure package

Bivouac in the stables

Comfort package

Accommodation in the Petite Maison.


Juliette Collinet


Equine-facilitated personal and professional development  


Advanced Eponaquest® Instructor


trained by Linda Kohanov

Equicoach certified

Durbuy - Belgium

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P. VDV, Veterinary Clinic Manager Champ du Roi

Understand our boundaries, setting them, impose them and communicate them to others. A real challenge to learn the power of saying no and to allow ourselves to apply it in our private and professional lives. It is at Ferme de la Colline that Juliette Collinet offers Eponaquest® skill development workshops facilitated by the horse. These two days allowed the teams at the Champ du Roi veterinary clinic to experience strong emotions, to share a unique experience as a team and to learn about our strengths and values.

Thank you 1000


“I had a very pleasant and balanced day between moments of learning, theory, exercises and practice with the horses.

Juliette favors quality over quantity. The number of participants is limited, which allows certain themes to be explored in depth.

Not only do I recommend registering for a day or a cycle, but I will come back to introduce the Eponaquest method to my team."


Hello Juliette,


This email to follow up on our appointment.

I found this really very interesting, and so telling regarding my problem of connection and fear of loss of connection.

To see that the pony applies and proves to me in a completely natural way everything I know in theory, without being able to dare to experiment with it in my human relationships...Wow! What a great life lesson! And this is where we see and become aware of the enormous gap between “knowing” and “experiencing” 🤩

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