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 The revelatory power of horses

Horses can help you...

                                       develop better self-awareness


The revelatory power of horses... Observing a horse's behaviour while interacting with us can show us a great deal about ourselves. Generous, sensitive and demanding, horses can play a major role in helping us discover our full potential!

Equine-facilitated learning helps you to:

- develop your emotional and relational intelligence to be able to act calmly and naturally;

- achieve a state of harmony between body, emotions and mind;

- self-regulate and have a calming influence on others in stressful situations.

Equicoaching horse
La Ferme de la Colline
Couples or family sessions


Would you like enjoy some relaxing family time while strengthening the relationships between children and/or parents and children? Are there tensions or misunderstandings within the family? Do you have a child who feels lost or misunderstood, who withdraws or is jealous? Bond together during ground exercises in the form of games and challenges with the horses.

By interpreting the exchanges between participants and horses and given the revelatory power of horses' behavior, you can have fun and learn how to improve family relationships at the same time.

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