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Equicoaching horse

 The revelatory power of horses

Horses can help you...

                                       develop better self-awareness


The revelatory power of horses... Observing a horse's behaviour while interacting with us can show us a great deal about ourselves. Generous, sensitive and demanding, horses can play a major role in helping us discover our full potential!

Equine-facilitated learning helps you to:

- develop your emotional and relational intelligence to be able to act calmly and naturally;

- achieve a state of harmony between body, emotions and mind;

- self-regulate and have a calming influence on others in stressful situations.

Personal development courses and workshops

My approach

My approach is essentially based on the Eponaquest® approach, combined with principles of equine ethology, animal communication and systemic psychology. Sometimes I also draw on other equicoaching methods.

In practice

Workshops and courses comprise theory and practical experiences with horses.
They are organized in half day, full day or several day-sessions and address various topics  (leadership, self-confidence, overwork, communication, family harmony, assertiveness, emotional management etc.).



Develop self-confidence and improve relationships with others, respect and communication.
How can I initiate contact? How can I maintain healthy and authentic relationships? How can I respect my personal space and that of others? How can I become more assertive?
Refocusing the body: sensory exploration, management of emotions, understanding non-verbal language. How can my body support me by listening to messages conveyed by my sensations and emotions.

How does it work?

The workshops consist of both theory and practical sessions with the horses: engage with the horse without constraints, lead it with or without a lead on a circuit, take part in team exercises with the horse as your partner...

At the end of the day, you will receive a debriefing to help you put your experience into practice in your daily life.

Exercises can be done individually or in groups. 
You do not need to ride the horse; everything is done on foot, on the ground. No prior knowledge of horses is required.


“Best-seller” workshops

Several workshops take place regularly. If you have missed one, sign up for the next one you are interested in (date to be agreed) and get 10% off!


Self-confidence and Leadership Workshop: two-day Eponaquest® introductory course

Emotional Agility Eponaquest® Workshop : how to get your emotions on your side

Full Potential : for innovative leadership Eponaquest® workshop: The 5 roles of the Master Herder

Self-confidence Eponaquest® workshop 


Connection Focused Therappy Eponaquest® workshop 

For scheduled workshops, please register on the agenda;

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