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The unique sensitivity of the horse

Horses can help you ...                                                       


                                                 gain a better understanding of yourself

​Are you ready for a fun, powerful and memorable experience?

​Equine-facilitated activities can help you improve your leadership skills,

communicate more assertively and unite your team while boosting their performance.

​The exercises with the horses, as well as the accompanying theory, offer real-life situations enabling you to experience first-hand the scope of the tools and concepts on offer. They increase awareness amongst the participants of their individual ways of working, posture, communication, strengths and any areas that may need improvement.

A debriefing offers insight into how the experiences gained and knowledge acquired during these activities can be transposed into everyday life within the company. The debriefings also highlight the aspects which work well, skills which need to be developed further and areas for improvement.

Equine-facilitated learning helps you to:


  • develop your emotional and relational intelligence to be able to act calmly and naturally;

  • achieve a state of harmony between body, emotions and mind;

  • self-regulate and have a calming influence on others in stressful situations.

Horse leader life guide
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Individual equicoaching sessions




                     Enhance your strengths and potential!

I offer equine-facilitated coaching sessions. No equestrian knowledge is required. The initial contact with the horse is made by means of various ground exercises.

You would like to:

  • ​develop and maintain genuine and beneficial relationships with your colleagues

  • better manage your emotions

  • assert yourself and set boundaries

  • regain confidence in your skills

  • improve your communication

  • develop your personal leadership and creativity

  • manage crisis situations

  • master difficult conversations

  • better manage your business, your team and your company

  • Work towards a tangible result with immediate and long-lasting benefits.

I offer a safe environment in which you can interact with the horse in a bid to gain awareness of any – often subconscious - limiting behavior. The horse can help you discover new creative solutions which you can then implement in your professional life.

A session lasts 1-1½ hours and you can book one or more sessions, depending on what you would like to achieve.


By appointment only:

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